Ezoic is built so that anyone using AdSense will earn more money than if they were using AdSense without Ezoic.

Increase AdSenseEarnings Using Ezoic’s Machine Learning

Ezoic allows websites using Google AdSense to automatically make changes on their sites that help improve website visitor experiences and total AdSense earnings.Ezoic automatically learns from every visitor on your website and then automatically changes ad placements, locations, and ad density to generate more Google AdSense revenue while also extending visitor sessions and improving reader experiences.
Ezoic Is Automated And Easy To Use

Ezoic is a platform built for Google AdSense publishers. It automatically learns the behaviors of different types of visitors coming to your website. Then, Ezoic improves AdSense ad configurations for each type of visitor.
Ezoic works with all existing CMS (WordPress, Drupal, etc.), hosts, and infrastructure. Simply connect your Google AdSense account and Ezoic will learn from visitor behavior and help you automatically make website adjustments.

 Tens of Thousands of AdSense Publishers Use Ezoic

Thousands of AdSense users across the globe leverage Ezoic to help them manage and improve the way they monetize their websites.
Ezoic is an easy-to-use platform that gives everyone the ability to make sophisticated adjustments to their websites automatically. 
Ezoic is free to use and doesn’t EVER require a credit card. Integrating Ezoic with your AdSense account is easy and can be done in minutes.
Google Certified Publishing Partner

Ezoic is a Certifed Google Publishing Partner and winner of the 2016 Google Business Innovation Award. Our technology is used by thousands and thousands of Google AdSense publishers across the globe.
Ezoic has been studied to have positive effects on SEO, bounce rates, time on site, and more.

Ezoic Works For Everyone

Every visitor is different. Ad placements and layouts directly affect visitor experiences; resulting in shorter or longer sessions.A longer session with high visitor engagement is directly correlated with higher Google AdSense earnings and overall higher visitor satisfaction.In many cases, publishers are showing some visitors too many ads — or showing them in the wrong places.Ezoic learns from every type of visitor and automatically adjusts important site elements to improve these metrics.Ezoic can help publishers adjust things like ad density, ad placements, mobile navigation, and other important components automatically.

Ezoic Was Built for Publishers

Tim Carter was a former Google AdSense blog success story; however, changes in Google Search had both his traffic and revenue in major decline.“The biggest mistake I made was sitting on the fence and not turning to Ezoic sooner. That judgement error cost me no less than $70,000. Now, I’m a happy.Ezoic user and my revenue and traffic are both on the rise!” – Tim Carter, AskTheBuilder.com

You’re In Control

Once integrated with Ezoic, publishers have complete control over AdSense testing and experiments. Users can split test by device and control the percentage of traffic that uses Ezoic.AdSense publishers can monitor improvements over time in the dashboard and access advanced reporting.Ezoic is built so that anyone using AdSense will earn more money than if they were using AdSense without Ezoic.


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